First year Course work: 

  • 15 courses (14.5 Credits)
  • 3 Terms(2 In campus Visits in each term on Weekends (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) + online sessions)
  • 360 hours
  • 288 sessions

Term I 

Term II 

Term III 

· Marketing Management 

· Finance & Accounting 

· Management Information System 

· OB & HR

· Operations Management 

· Research Methods I 

· Managerial Economics 

· Strategic Management 

· Philosophy of Science 

· Area Elective I 

· Research Methods II 

· Advanced Research Methods 

· Qualitative Research Methods 

· Area Elective II 

· Area Elective III (Case Study) 

 Second Year:

On completion of requirements, candidates need to go through a comprehensive assessment based on the FPM (PT) courses taken by them, through a verbal and written examination.  After completion of the written examination, the candidate has to finalize the Thesis proposal in consultation with the Faculty Advisor. The candidate's thesis work would start with the identification of a thesis topic (usually based on guidance/advice of faculty members), and getting a TAC constituted for the supervision of the research to be done. The candidate is required to work with the TAC to develop a research design, leading to the development of a thesis proposal. He/she will then be required to deliver an open seminar on the thesis proposal to the IIM Rohtak faculty members. In case modifications to the proposal are suggested, the candidate had to carry out the modifications, and a revised proposal has to be presented within a given time frame. Once the proposal is approved, the candidate may proceed with the research work towards his/her thesis.

 Third Year & Fourth Year:

For the smooth progress of the research, work candidates are expected to report the progress of the research work to the TAC convener once in a month (preferably on weekends). After every six-month candidate has to present the progress of his/her research work before the TAC. Upon the completion of research work, the candidate shall submit his/her thesis; however, at least one B category publication as per ABDC classified journals is required for thesis submission eligibility. 

Programme Outcomes: The expected outcomes of the programme are to produce: 

  • Researches 
  • Policymakers 
  • Academicians 
  • Thinkers 
  • Top management Strategists etc.  

Upon successful completion of the programme, the participant will receive the Fellow Programme in Management (Part Time). This Programme will not be a degree programme under the new IIM Act. It  will remain an fellow program in management (part time) and will not result in the award of degree under any circumstances